From the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife

Chrono Classic 1/100

Ingenuity serving functionality

From a 1/100th of a second chronograph to a perpetual calendar

The Chrono Classic continues to evolve but remains faithful to its genetic code. The dimensions and lines that have made it one of the brand’s bestsellers are still in place. However, a radical transformation has taken place at the very heart of the watch, and in the way it performs its many functions. The Chrono Classic is now, a “three-way” watch.

Perpetual calendar

The perpetual calendar of the Chrono Classic 1/100 will automatically adjusts the end of each month, including the months of a leap year.
By simply pressing the crown twice, the classic watch turns into a chronograph accurate to 1/100th of a second.
To start the chronograph,simply press the button at 2 o’clock. The red central hand then displays the seconds, while the others count out the minutes and hours.
The technical prowess of the Chrono Classic does not stop there. You can go back to the normal way of reading time even while the stopwatch is running. A double-click on the crown and here we go. Simple and ingenious, the mechanism is a feature of the chronograph’s Swiss Made FM13D quartz movement by Soprod, with whom Victorinox Swiss Army worked closely to develop the watch.

The guilloché decoration

on both discs, a clear reference to the shape and casing of the Swiss Army Officer’s Knife, is a tribute to the origins and values of Victorinox.

Other stylistic elements

echo the famous multipurpose tool, such as the indexes, the hour and minute hands as well as the counterweight of the red central second hand.

Chrono Classic 1/100

Ingenuity serving functionality